Club Info

Chartered Club since 1978

Flying fields mowed on a regular schedule

 “Meerwarth Field, White Creek”
  Available 7 days/week, no size restrictions,
  adequate mufflers required
  Andrews Road, White Creek, NY
  80’ x 600’, outhouse on site, sunshade set up in summer

    ENGINE SIZE LIMITS: All planes must meet noise requirements of no louder than 95db at 10 feet

Google map of Meerwarth Field, Andrews Road, White Creek, NY

Over 25 active flyers with varied interests…
electrics, trainers, multi engines, high performance, sport, etc.

Several qualified flight instructors

Regular scheduled instruction evenings
  ( as agreed upon by instructor and student )

Club owned "Buddy Boxes" for most radio systems

Club owned trainer aircraft

Club meetings on 1st Sunday of month - 7PM -
  @ "Strawberry Acres" located 1.1 mile west of Eagle Bridge NY Route 67
  All welcome to attend !!

AMA membership required for flight privileges

Guests are welcome to fly (up to 6 days per yr. w/o club membership)