Useful Information

All information contained on this page is courtesy of Clay Ramskill of
Seven Towers R/C Club and is re-posted from their newsletter with his permission.  Please feel free to use any of it for your own newsletters or web pages, but please give proper credit where due.

Types and Use- An oldie but goodie article. by Roger Layton

Buying Used Equipment
How to Check it Out!

Color Perception
Color Use for Seeing the Plane

Crash Etiquette
How to Act When Someone Crashes

Flying Elsewhere
Flying from ANOTHER field .

Which One to Buy?- Some solid advice.

RC and the WEB
RC presence on the Internet and the web

The Big Lie
ALL new planes need some trim work. -by Ron Lockhart

Too Much, Too Soon
The Second Plane...

Trim it!
A properly trimmed plane flies better.

Two is Better than One
Use of two servos for ailerons. -by Ron Lockhart.